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Doge Party Coin Submission

Doge Party is a second layer blockchain on Dogecoin blockchain that does a lot more than just sending coins from one address to another - it allows us to add our own coins that then get verified by the Dogecoin blockchain when there is a transaction. 

Doge Party Shades

Explore the Decentraland metaverse in style!  Purchase one of these Moon cookie-glasses for your avatar to wear in Decentraland.

Price: 1 COOKIESHADES token*

*exclusively available on the Doge Party blockchain

Digital art exhibit
site image1cropped.png
site image2cropped.jpg

How to Purchase

1. Pay non-refundable fee of 1 COOKIESHADES to: D8chwjFyUMtARRwmnyK5GPQAdzm8iBzsxh

2. Fill out and submit the form below

3. Wait and you will receive the wearable in your Polygon address shortly

Buy a Decentraland wearable with a Doge Party token!

Thanks for submitting!
We’ll get back to you shortly.

If you are having problems/errors submitting this form, please email the above info to

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About Decentraland

It is an open-world metaverse game

To play, head to and play it in your browser.  It's currently not available yet for mobile, so you must play on your laptop or computer.  Once there, you can play all sorts of games and attend many events.  My favorite game is the Meta Mine at the Meta Game Mall!

metamine ad.jpg
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